16 thoughts on “Here Is My Wood | Etsy Gas Pipe Shelves | THE HANDYMAN |”

  1. Man I wish I could figure out the layout of those garage/ garages. Idk why but it seems like tons of rooms and doors everywhere.

  2. I have wondered the same thing about etsy. To me it looks like people selling stuff they seen on pinterest.

  3. I have a friend, she sells her "Artsy" stuff on Etsy . She mainly paints a pic of the persons dog from a picture they send her on whatever the customer wants, like an old rustic piece of wood. She's doesn't get rich from it, but it seems like once a week she is doing a dog portrait on whatever for around 250 bones, lol ! The paintings are really good too. Happy New Year !

  4. My wife has bought stuff on Etsy but only patterns for sewing and cross-stitching. Stuff you can just order and download.

  5. Only thing I've ever bought from Etsy is some customized/engraved pocket knives for my groomsmen when I got married last year.

  6. I've bought custom made sweatshirts on etsy and also i have helped my girlfriend sell her old clothes on etsy only thing is that shipping was expensive when she would sell her stuff cheap sometimes we wouldn't make profit haha.

  7. They buy those kits because people like me do t have a clue how to find all of the piece I will need to build a shelf like that. That’s worth paying for… yes it is, because I like how rustic and industrial chic it looks but I don’t know what to buy to get it done right.

  8. My daughter sells custom baby stuff on Etsy. (hand made sheets, bumpers, pillows, etc. with special fabrics) She had many orders and was making a decent profit.

  9. It really shows how weak the branches are in a cottonwood. We used to build huge rope swings as kids but dad never let us put one up in a cottenwood. The branches could barely support themselves.

  10. Ordered vintage disco suit with bell bottoms and platform shoes for my 70's theme wedding from Etsy.
    Happy New Year!

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