11 thoughts on “Hollow Knight 106% True Ending + Nightmare King NMG Speedrun – 2:53:06 loadless [WR]”

  1. You know, that charm thing in the beginning still amazes me. It makes me wonder how someone found out.

  2. Fluke Wurms are absolutely broken lolz..

    The Radiance died in like 15 secs for first phase and 6 secs for 2nd phase.

  3. Is health preserved after boss dream fights now? I noticed that you had the same health after defeating the White Defender and Nightmare King Grimm even after exiting the dream.

  4. It's not dying cat sounds, my kitten does them from time to time, and she is not sick in any way except for being an annoying little brat

  5. Awesome run!
    While I understand it's just straight up slower, and pretty inconvenient for the runner, it would be pretty fun to see the path of pain in the run too.
    Since you said that your run was overall sloppy, do you plan on improving on it in the near future?

  6. Great run and awesome job 🙂
    Do you think this game will gain more traction with the speedrunning community as time goes on (and more content comes too I guess)? It looks like there's a good bit of potential here, but I'm wondering if that whole "this isn't a nintendo game" thing might hold it back in popularity.

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