14 thoughts on “Hollywood Undead – The Loss [Lyrics Video]”

  1. Not gonna read the comment section. I love the song and the message and I really don't feel like reading a million people pretend that unknowingly forcing themselves to be sad and not even wanting to get better because they use it to validate their own short-comings. Have a nice day.

    Song's too deep to be fucked with.

  2. I don't relate to this song because I'd never even attempt suicide, but when I'm feeling blue like I do sometimes this song just seems to help…..probably because the atmosphere it gives off

  3. Please J-dog stay strong I know how it feels..believe me it hurts..I have a friend who means everything to me…but she cuts herself..I fear I may lose her I cry every night and lose sleep thinking about her being gone….and I admit…I am..really..scared

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