12 thoughts on “Homemade Cultured Butter & Buttermilk”

  1. this video is pretty misleading.

    1st of all cultured buttermilk is made by using mesophilic cultures not thermophilic cultures (cultured yogurts in stores are made by using thermophilic) both meso and thermophilic cultures have different taste profile.

    2nd to make it cultured u need waayy more time then just 30 mins, more like 8 to 16 hours

    3rd since you used yogurt which contains thermophilic cultures, you cannot inoculate the cream effectively in the fridge. thermophilic thrive in temperature around 90-100 fahrenheit. any lower than that the bacteria will slow down the metabolism or just go into dormancy.

  2. If I want to use buttermilk for making other things, do I have to leave the buttermilk first or I can use it right away?

  3. heavy cream  makes(1)whipping cream (2) butter (3) butter milk (4) sour cream, The best EVER! Yum

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