18 thoughts on “Homemade Tow Behind Sulky for Walk Behind Mower.”

  1. you will. I have the same mower and the friction disc setup cannot take that load repeatedly over time.

  2. Yes you will burn out your "transmission". Your "friction wheel" assembly has a piece of rubber on the outside of the "wheel" which will wear out VERY quick. It was not designed for that.

  3. ride around town on it. Yrs ago I didn't have a vehicle because I was out of work. needed to haul trash to the dump, had a 42 inch poulan pro riding mower and 2 dump carts, made a hitch from an old store display shelf that wrapped around the axle of first cart and hung out back with a rod to hold it up, hooked second cart to it. I'd have ppl stop what they was doing in their yards or when they was driving just to look since they've never seen anything like it

  4. if you're looking to put swivel casters on front, check out eazy mow, only available through amazon, I've had mine for a little more than 5yrs and now they're on second mower. I paid almost $100 but we'll worth it to me

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