16 thoughts on “HOT Dance Cover “DESPACITO” Luis Fonsi ft. Daddy Yankee”

  1. Is the first girl the girl from the "One Dance" video? The one where she's dancing outside the car door. She's hot.

  2. I used to be prejudiced against and angry with the women who were openly sexy. I took a Gender class in college and it started me thinking. We were taught to be tolerant of all kinds of expression of femininity. I didn't believe it though. I still thought these openly sexy females were propagating the objectification of women. Then I watched The Fosters. I was intensely hating Mariana for being beautiful and sexy, and defending dancing that expresses sexuality of females. She was promoting "you can be sexy, beautiful AND smart" and I hated that too because I only wanted to be acknowledged for my smarts, not the appearance, and especially sexiness. Then in one episode she was arguing with a guy and he asked her "why are you being such a bitch?" and she answered "because bitches get things done!" I felt instant respect and started minding her position. She accepted the offensive label, owned it and associated it with something positive. She was confident. And I realized that it is not a crime to be confident and wanting to be accepted just as you are.
    Then I started thinking that probably I am afraid of my own sexuality and that's why I am so prejudiced against beautiful and sexy women. Sexuality is something natural and it needs to be accepted. The problem is that in the current world, only men's sexuality is being acknowledged and females are portrayed passive in this subjective. Here are the women who are asserting their sexuality, and we should celebrate them. It's not only men who are sexual. Women are too. And we should stop this culture where only men are initiating sexual activities and dominating women. Sex is supposed to be a consensual intimate act of two equal people, both enjoying it.
    I put all the judgments aside and watch the video with admiration. This is beautiful. We shouldn't derrogate women for wanting equality in being accepted as sexual active beings just like men, not the dominated passive gender. Let's own our sexuality.
    You go girls! <3

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