9 thoughts on “HOT Girl vs HOMELESS Girl! (Social Experiment)”

  1. I think it's better that if you are going to portray her as a homeless person asking for money for food, to actually go near a place that actually sell food or a meal, and then ask near there for help on getting money for food to eat.

    I don't think that people necessarily don't want to help homeless get food much at all.

    I think it is that not alot of people want to give actual money because they feel it might be used for drugs instead, and not really for food.

    I would suggest that you go and try this near a place that actually sells food and then compare reactions before judging why people help her less with the food. People may end up offering to go pay for the food, so she could actually eat.

    The makeup bit might look like it's honestly for makeup. So of course more people would give money to her holding the makeup sign vs the food, because they think she is being honest.

    So this video might be based on people viewing her really as either asking for money going to makeup vs money to going possibly for drugs.

    Regardless of what anybody thinks…people do judge others.

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