13 thoughts on “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart – The Bee Gees (Lyrics on screen)”

  1. One of the Bee Gees heart wrenching songs““““` Boy , they could wrestle up a bunch of emotions…. Mending a broken HEART ? ' Time'………..love others…

  2. Know how you feel. I just lost my husband last August. We were together 45 yrs. I know that I will see him again one day but for now it's very hard. I cry everyday. Rose

  3. The day I heard this song, my year old pug got run over by a truck. This song always reminds me of him 🙁

    RIP Chowder (2014-2015)

  4. A Broken Heart Never Mends without leaving a Scar…..If You're Lucky an Angel comes along & Adds more Love to Your Heart to help in the Mending……If love was Real it stays in Your Broken Heart forever no matter how much more is added……Bob Fox

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