18 thoughts on “How Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Undermines Civil Rights & Favors Predatory Lenders Over Students”

  1. Many departments are being financially gutted and Trump is installing people who not only don't have the people's best interest as motivation- but, in some cases, lobbyists are taking over and quietly changing the laws in their favor. Excellent article about this in Propublica. Candace Jackson, who made the statement that 90% of rapes are just two people who had dated, got drunk, hooked up, and the girl decides it was wrong, was hired by Devos for the position of victim advocate- ensuring that the colleges followed the legal protocol. I have paraphrased Jackson- so please check the article in Propublica. I found it all alarming.

  2. She knows nothing about education, but she is the Secretary of Education of the US. The most terrible thing is that she is trying to move the money of public education to charter schools. It seems that most Americans don't care about this.

  3. When Trump said he would make America great again, a lot of people was arguing it should be like the 50's – back then I thought they ment 1950's, but it turned out to be the 1850's……

  4. Welcome to Trumpland – home of the uneducated and unhealthy powerless poor!
    Damn I'm happy I'm Scandinavian!
    Tax paid healthcare and education.
    Here we even pay students to take a education!

  5. Betsy DeVos has never been a teacher, never been an administrator. How about finding an Education Secretary who has experience teaching, experience as a school administrator, you know?…Someone With Education Experience, REAL experience not trump pretender experience.

  6. Thank you for this very informative video. It appears that DeVos is doing EXACTLY what I thought she intended to do, and I just hope there will be adequate measures withing our system to STOP her. While my suspicions are verified in this video, I am not reassured by anything said. 🙁

  7. Karma is going to be such a demon to this troupe of undesirable rich blockheads.
    Karma can be beautiful, or it can be a bitch.
    It's about to show us how it can be a demon bitch in the not too distant future with this gang of fools.

  8. Amy Goodman are you asleep twice she incorrectly said for-profit colleges ,but it's for profit public K-12 schools she said colleges twice

  9. College sexual assault kangaroo courts are an attempt to circumvent due process. Beyond a reasonable doubt? Bah, what nonsense, just condemn the accused. Obama really f*cked up with this.

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