19 thoughts on “How I Fixed a 10 Year Old Guitar Hero Bug Without the Source Code”

  1. Cool video dude, it's funny to see that this game is still around. how would you distribute this fix though?

  2. Didn't understand a single thing. I'm sure it's super clear for you engineers out there I'm more of a ''chainsaws & motors'' kinda guy.

  3. Excellent stuff! Your editing went a long way in making this type of subject approachable for everyone. I look forward to more videos from you like this!

  4. I don't have any experience in programming whatsoever, so I only have one question.
    How long did this take to do?
    was it something you worked over months/years? weeks? or just a few days/one sitting?

  5. From someone who was almost totally lost through the first half of the video, then got it towards the end, I gotta ask (as someone who's also new to your channel), are you self-taught, or did you take a class for this stuff somewhere?

  6. Well, at least I can pick up a little bit about what your talking about. All that program code and garbage looks like a big pain in the butt though.

  7. How would I go about learning programming of this sort? I have the very very basic stuff of C++ down but I don't know what the next step is. Learning to create windows applications? Learning to make and animate 3D graphics on screen? Learning to create a very basic game engine? I don't know what the next step is and I wouldn't want to miss any steps or go into something far beyond what I'm capable of if I'm not ready for it yet you know?

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