14 thoughts on “How I WIN Money Staking Every Time [07 Scape Staking]”

  1. The probably of getting a loss streak of 10 losses in a row is about 1/1000…so it's not very likely. But those are the odds each time you bet 1m. So if you bet 1m a thousand times, odds are that you will have at least one 10-loss streak during those thousand 1m bets. Also, keep in mind that you would need 1.024 bil for those 10 bets that you will lose…and 2.048 bil to win it back on the 11th bet, assuming that you only have 10 losses in a row, and not 11 or more.

  2. The title is about how he wins every time, but then he shows the Wiki article about the Martingale method which clearly says that the probability of losing your entire cash stack exactly balances with expected gain.

    I used to be a legit dice host, and many people tried the Martingale method. I can't tell you how many people I cleaned because eventually I would streak and win a large number in a row. One streak I had was 13, if I remember correctly. Try doubling 1m 13 times. On your first bet I win 1m, all the way up to your 13th bet where you place a 4.096 bil bet that I also would have won. So you'd need a cash stack of 2*4096 bil, or 8.192 billion gp to survive a 13 loss streak…and even then you'd only profit 1m from your 14th bet of 8.192 billion gp. These long losing streaks are rare, but if you keep betting it will happen. This method is good if you only need to make a few mil and understand that there is a risk of losing everything.

  3. martingale got me cleaned back in…. 2005? trust me, everyone will eventually be cleaned on this method

  4. you say os scape, that sounds like a private server. so people dont watch as much you should use oldschool.

  5. not really good overall, because you will end up staking all you have after a loss streak for a maximum profit after a win of your initial first bet. example: so if you lose 5 times in a row, you are in the pot for 16m, and will only ever get a maximum profit of 1m for every stake using martingale.

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