19 thoughts on “How Sun Dried Tomatoes are Made”

  1. Thank you for this video. I will never buy store brand sun dried tomatoes again. So much waste and chemicals involved. At least they are actually dried in the sun but there is no protection from birds, pooping, insects, etc.

  2. You sound like someone has a gun to your head toe read a ransom note……you couldn’t sound more boring….geez

  3. Did you see all the flys when they brough them in from outside… I always assumed it would be under class with the vents netted over etc

  4. this HUNT KETCHUP FACTORY? Would believe the wastes! Label wrong gets threw away, big pile of it> Enough thing wrong with it! just a bad label > i loaded down on it he hee WHERE SO WASTEFUL

  5. 9 to 14 days outside collecting dust. Can you imagine any slight breeze is going to stir up the dust off the ground where the tomatoes are. Yum! I've seen videos where they make raisins and dry chili the same way.

  6. They didn't was the dried tomatoes after they came in from the open field (drying area) … at what point area all the insects and bird poop washed off??? 🙁

  7. wait so they sterilize them and they they sit outside to be pooped on my animals and insects? makes sense.

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