11 thoughts on “How the ACLU challenged Trump’s immigration order”

  1. Get use to it, many Muslim countries does not have high integrity government most
    government officials are corrupt and radicals especially the seven countries
    that President Donald Trump, ordered a
    temporary ban. I think it is better if it is
    permanent ban on those countries. We
    don't need these crop of people.

  2. LIBERAL HYPOCRISY: Obama bombs 7 different Muslim countries using drones killing thousands of innocent men, women, and children, AND THE LIBERALS KEPT QUIET ABOUT THE CARNAGE. Trump implements a temporary ban using Obama's recognized nations for terrorism, and libtards start crying. TOTAL HYPOCRISY !

  3. Nowhere in the language of the order does it specify any one religion but liberals say it does to make it fit the narrative. Obama suspended iraqi refugees for 6 months in 2011 and Jimmy Carter cancelled all visas from iran during his term; this is a 90 day suspension to allow time to craft better vetting processes. Good Trump.

  4. aclu,? exactly what american cival liberties are alien refuges or illegals intitled to? only basic decency. they do not have recourse , or benefit of the bill of rights. They are delt with under international law and american provional.

  5. Not one of these motherfucking attorneys ever stepped up to help a Vet who would eventually kill himself in the VAs parking lot, die cocksuckers die.

  6. The fact that it bans certain Muslim nations and not others proves it's not a ban on all Muslims. This moron has it backwards, he is contradicting himself. This a ban on the minorities that are bringing problems. If people from western Europe were causing the U.S harm, we'd ban them. The U.S is not the world's bank. We don't owe anyone anything. We don't have to help every refugee. Fuck egalitarianism.

  7. what if it was his head that was being considered for severence by the jihadists instead of other americans whose heads were cut off? I support the extreme vetting… I am glad President Trump is slowing the emigration process.. Making America Safe !!! We all should support the ban.. Emigres into america should offer more to America; before than can get in, degrees skill sets, past accomplishments…

  8. Comments are not disabled? No kidding! The ban doesn't go far enough. Millions of Americans are ready to volunteer in the mosque demolition crews.

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