16 thoughts on “How To Be Cocky & Charming To Get Laid”

  1. Any advice for sober guys who are getting their life together and no longer want to drink? Does that mean anything to you? Sobriety is important to me, but so is getting laid.

  2. I wish I could afford you but I can't not now but when I can I will definitely book something you have amazing advice

  3. Hi Corey, I have been enjoying your video presentations very much. I am unemployed so at the moment, every dollar counts. Donating is tricky but I wanted to thank you AND share the good info; so I passed-on the link for your eBook to my 16 yr old son and my 61 year old brother – both of whom are single. Thanks again Coach.

  4. Corey, I've read your book numerous times, and watch all your videos regularly, and have had amazing results in the sack. Unfortunately, I believe rubbers are for fags, and now I just found out that I have 6 strains of venereal disease, two of which were until now unknown to science. Therefore as my life coach, I am asking you to donate a testicle, because that new strain consumed one, causing it to rot and fall off…Whaddya say, pal?

  5. I'm stressed out currently moved back to my parents temporary since everything came crashing down financially when I separated from my former relationship. I'm slowly getting back on my feet. I have chicks lined up to be penetrated by my flesh rocket, but I don't have a place to take them and rock their world any advice?

  6. Corey you're not human bro Loool! Wtf!!! You mastered your craft to the last detail. The book if forever relevant

  7. Well I am back at it again for round two. Reading the book a second time is not as bad as it seems.

  8. Corey, I really like your videos and your intellect behind all of them. However, I don't really understand how can you be both certain (masculine trait that you discussed in "Attraction Triggers & Turn-offs) and unpredictable (what you said in this lesson that women like)?

  9. I met a girl while on vacation at a honkeytonk bar. We had an amazing time. Didn't expect to hear from her. We live 5 hours apart and she stalked me on FB and found me. I accepted her friend request, and we messaged each other for a couple weeks. I got her phone # right off the bat without even asking for it. I completly lost my shit after that. I messaged her all the time, and initially we had good conversation, even sent pics back and forth. She wanted to see me again and everything. I tried calling her a couple days later, she wouldn't answer. Slowly but surely over the couple weeks of messaging, she backed off, wouldn't answer her phone, and wouldn't set a date to meet. About a week ago she "de-friended" me on FB. After watching your videos I see exactly how I fucked it up. I'm now wondering if I should contact her again after another week or 2 goes by, send her a message saying "let me know if you wanna meet up" then leave it open and ball in her court, or just leave it alone.

  10. I can't stop reading his book and it's 1:20 am. Also, I've gotten to the point of liking his video before I watch it. haha

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