8 thoughts on “How to Care for Elderly in Your Own Home : Senior Care”

  1. What about when they DON"T want to be independent but would rather demand that you feed them, toilet them, give them unlimited opiates, and withold any rent, because "they raised you"…

  2. Great tips! When I cared for Rose, who had dementia, it was as if she left her body and an evil spirit entered just to cause chaos and harm. I wish I had the Inspired Caregiver book when I was caring for Rose. The Inspired Caregiver was written for the care of the caregiver, because caregivers who do not care for themselves while caring for those they love, can get a chronic illness.
    I spoke with a man who said that caregiving for his mother was tougher than when he was in the military. Caregivers need all the help and support they can get.

    Thanks for this information. Very helpful.

  3. AS an 80 year old divorced senior citizen living on my own in a leased apartment, I receive just 2 and half hours weekly care one of which is 1 hours shopping. It is important people recognise the value of elserly citizens because like me many can remember their warly school years and providing they are allowd care in their own homes they will be entusiastic for a long life but to put an elderly relative into a nursing home is priison to some elderly because their freedom is removed consiquntly they soon fade away and their long term memories are lost to society. my memory goes back over 77 years and I would like to live a long life and to remeber over 100 years.

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