16 thoughts on “How to Fix a Stiff Neck in Seconds (THIS WORKS!)”

  1. Great video, I do need that video to help that trap pressure point please, that would help a lot with the winged scapula. Thank you in advance!.

  2. I have been using a tennis ball up against the wall to rub the muscles out. But how long should i wait before doing trap and shoulder workouts? I dont want to not wait long enough and get hurt again.

  3. When I train shoulders and traps my necks gets stiff but also the muscles of my head and this makes me painful tension-headaches, can I prevent them?

  4. Can you make a video showing neck positioning while performs various litfs? Such as bench, military, pull-ups, skull crushers, flys/lat raises, deadlifts, squats, and shrugs. I keep straining something while I lift. Usually during shoulder day.

  5. wouldn't you need to rule out a capsular ligament injury that may be recruiting muscles to spasm to protect it in a functional way? defeating that type of muscle guarding may be counter productive.

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