16 thoughts on “How To Fold Flat Cloth Diapers – Origami Fold”

  1. Hi thank u for the excellent tutorial. Can u pls tell me wats the measurement of the cloth fold. Wat did u use to tighten or pin the fold cloth. Can u gimme the name n wr to buy it. Also is it diaper cover n wr to buy. N how often do we have to check n how to wash the cloth n cover. Cover how often should it be changed. Thanks a lot
    Lots of hugs n kisses to ur baby. God bless

  2. Is this Flat cloth diper okey for newborn(15 days)..if yes then what size should I prefer for newborn baby..

  3. Plz don't use diapers for ur babies..dont pack them..even they r laughing they r not feeling good and cmfrtbl. understand it..they r our babies. So no need to fear for their urine..we are moms..have to work hard for them..

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