20 thoughts on “How to Grow a Cherry Tree from Seed (Part 1)”

  1. Hi
    It's so nice and good video
    Do I need to store the seeds in the refrigerator or I can plant it directly after eating the fruit, by the way its a summer time now here
    Thanks for being helpful and cooperative

  2. Where do U kept all the time this planted cherry seed? On which temperature? How much sunlight? How many times per day you pour water and how much? 😀 I watched this and second video…but I need info about this questions because I plan to plant on my own 😀 thanks

  3. i was reading on some websites, they say not to remove the shell. is removing the shell really necessary?

  4. I grow cherry tree from seeds but they are not eatable, especially the Bing Cherry. I grow the Rainier cherry out of seeds too and they are doing very well. The fruits are delicious. I wish someone help me why the Bing cherry is not giving me the real fruits but a tiny bitter fruits and how can I get the real fruits so that I do not have to cut down the tree.

  5. That is highly debatable. No matter what, it will take five years on up to fruit, if the tree was grown from seed. Tropical fruit trees seem to have the best results reproducing an edible fruit. Not enough research has been done on cherry trees (at least that I could find). My cherry trees are a year old. I am keeping a close eye on their progress. I recommend you keep growing them, they are beautiful trees. If you are looking for fruit in the next few years, head to a reputable nursery or take a cutting from an established tree. 

  6. have seeds frim cherrys is there anyway they will grow and give me fruit when they have been planted

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