16 thoughts on “How to handle friends who ignore you and you feel taken advantage of”

  1. Get to like being with yourself and you won’t mind so much. Most of the time, it crappy conversation about tv shows or some singer that nobody will care about in two years.

  2. My "bff" is ignoring me for the third time… each time lasts for about two weeks .. I got pretty tired of it so I told her how I feel I couldn't think of it myself so I used the sorry not sorry lyrics and then she pretended she didn't know my number :/ and I have been friends with her for eight years and I'm so done she doesn't even tell me why when she gets mad literally three weeks ago she was obsessed with this boy and asked for my advice EVERY second and I always helped her and then now she doesn't like him and is ignoring me I just can't take it she has made me cry during school which is embarrassing when you are in eighth grade and the second time she ignored me I went up to her and told her how I felt like I said you don't know how u make me feel when you do these things and after she told all my friends that I told a whole speech of lies 🙁 and I'm tired of all the rumors I don't wanna have it like this anymore

  3. I really wish the comments here weren't over run with 6th graders, grrrrr. Every 10 comments are worthy of adult reading. I don't care about reading grade school drama. That stuff has always went on and is to be expected among immature children but NOT ADULTS!

  4. I've just gotten so sick of people lately. No offense to anyone on here – but I am sick of people on social media especially. People act so fake. They fake like they are concerned about you but flake out on you when you need them. I'm dealing with a group of people who are like this. It seems to be just more trouble than it's worth.

  5. I have a group of friends who i feel like they don't want to talk to me, they walk side by side i always am walking behind them…when i get annoyed i walk away…but then again i walk back to them and they are so nice to me, but the day after it's again how it was at the beginning! If i don't stick with them, then i won't have friends and it would be akward for me…I MADE THE GROUP…I MADE US ALL FRIENDS…but then i get left out, i don't understand why is that happenig…sometimes they contact me when they need to know the answer to the math homework…but the good thing is that i have REAL friends, but they don't go to my school.

  6. I really don't know anymore tbh. I made a friend in the beginning of the school year and we were really close, we would always play video games together and hang out etc. but then like a year later she started to hang out with other people, and when I tried to hang out with them too, her other friend will push me away, and she would stay quiet. Now since this is my first year of middle school and that was elementary, I don't get to see her that often, (since she can't text, I can't communicate with her often) and now I only see her in the hallways and at pe, and like we stare at each other for like 20 seconds, then I wave "hi" and she just turns the other way and completely ignores me. And when I join her in video games and she just leaves right when I join. I really don't know what I did wrong. We were really great friends and she was the best friend I ever had.. and now I just feel depressed bc I lost my best friend. And also in the video game there's a chat thing (where we chat, but now she never plays it anymore..) I saw her text her friend and she never replys me. Omg YouTube comment section is soo my personal Expression . (BTW THIS ACCOUNT IS MY COUSINS AND I FORGOT TO SIGN OUT lol)

  7. The thing is most of the time if I wanna do things with my friend I have to ask them and they never proactively ask me and it makes me kind of sad I guess I don't wanna have to ask to do something all the time because then I look needy and clingy

  8. I've been used before. There have been many moments where I thought I was friends with someone or thought we were getting close only to find out they don't give a rat's ass about me. But I guess I may have taken other people for granted too without realizing it. So that makes me just as much of an asshole

  9. I have seen people in business that take advantage of people. Oh your my buddy as long as you are doing for me. They also will throw out crumbs to people. I have seen it in families, so called friends and even in churches.

  10. People are your friends if they can benefit from you or have a long term goal. That's mostly on peoples agenda. I just get rid of them after awhile.

  11. Well to be objective this goes sideways, there will always be takers and givers, leader and followers, haters and fans. The number 1 rule of friendship goes like this, Friends will be there when you need them, this goes from emotional needs to material ones. Even as a giver, when you give and expect recognition for it, you are not 100% genuine, you do this to help and also be admired for, the taker is usually a person that always needs, so he is used to not giving as he mostly does not have what to give. Ofc there are people that take advantage of you, rarely call, distrust you for no reason, badmouth you out of jealousy, stab you in the back and shit on your loyalty and these types are better kept off if stuff repeats over and over. But as adults, friendships come down mostly to interest in need, even as little kids, friendships are made when the other likes your toys or find you interesting and want to hang out, there is a need that forces people to interact both emotional and material, that cannot be overlooked. It comes down to acceptance of each good and bad parts, when someone honestly cares for your ( needs ), you will know it.

  12. Only difference is… even when they are in need of help… they don't let me help them! How sad is that!?

  13. A "good" friend I have been tgt for 6 years became very distant and I often ask myself if I caused that or if I am too boring for her because now she is hanging out with another "friend" and whenever we were to work in pairs they just looked at each other and made hand signals at each other, they treated me like i wasnt there at all and when we finished class they came up to me and said," oh i'm sorry, we thought that you wanted to sit with another person" at that moment I felt very sad and betrayed ,when I confronted someone older than me, she said that it is just a small matter, you dont need to feel sad about that , I really don't know what to do…

  14. I always get ignored I have a feeling people don't like me much. It's frustrating and upsetting. I take it out on other people mostly people who are nasty to me and bully me. I use them as a psychologist punching bag.

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