14 thoughts on “How to Install a House Hydrant”

  1. A hose bib with a proper shut off is best, but then again most homeowners are morons who don't even bother to shut it off for the winter and then cry when their pipe bursts.

  2. ugly color. plastic that will get brittle and break. drips near or on the house. lady can hardly insert the plastic thing.

    what a train wreck.

  3. He's wearing his Apple Watch wrong. When it's on your right hand, you need to take the bands off and reverse them so the crown is on the left when looking at it. That's how I wear it and your left hand won't get in the way when you push the buttons.

  4. hes doing all this work to put on a new spicket but yet that cable job is hideous on the outside. no hose box, not properly grounded why dosent he fix that

  5. The thing reminds me of a cell phone without a headset jack. Have to have the adapter to get the water to come out. Is it possible to stay dry with a set up like this one? How does one relieve the water pressure in the hose when unhooking the hose?

  6. What happens when you want to fill something up real quick and you can't fans your junky plastic thing

  7. I would rather just turn off a spigot versus having to hook up and unhook my hose every time I needed to use water.

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