18 thoughts on “How to Launch a Boat Stress Free”

  1. Running your motor at the ramp will scavenge the material under the ramp, it's a no no in my book. You should float it out. If you're alone unhook it from the winch and tie off the end of the lead rope to the winch post and when backing stop quickly when it gets into the water good. Then just simply tie the boat off while you park the truck/trailer.

  2. The only stress for me is loading my Cadorette on the trailer when it's rough. Always makes for hair raising times.

  3. I wish this video played at every boat ramp All Summer Long non-stop on an endless loop with loudspeakers

  4. I was expecting this to be a satire video the whole time… the jokes never came, it's legit about boating etiquette

  5. no.1 rule on the boat ramp: screw everybody, TAKE YOUR TIME, DONT RUSH in or out,  if people cant wait a couple of minutes so someone can be safe with their expensive boat, then they don't deserve your respect

  6. Single boater should back his boat off the trailer fast enough that the boat just floats off the trailer. If there is no current you can just park your truck and trailer and then swim to the boat. People may look at you funny when they see your boat floating off the trailer with no driver but it's quick and easy.

  7. I do everything before I even head to the ramp.  I make sure everything is on the boat, the boat has power, the key is in the ignition, safety equipment and any personal items are on board and the plug is in.  The only things I leave until I get there are the tie downs, safety strap and winch strap.

    When I get to the ramp, all I have to do is remove the safety strap, tie downs and back in.  Once the engine is running I disconnect the winch strap and I am good to go.  It is a lot less stressful.

  8. A good practice to get into is checking your bilge upon launching. Something we do at the boatyard for every boat we put in. Just in case a hose has come off a fitting somewhere or you missed a plug. It has happened before.

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