15 thoughts on “How to make Cajun Chicken Sauce Piquant – The Wolfe Pit”

  1. My dad used to make chicken and dumplings back in the day.He'd call it fish eyes and glue! Just the F*ck with us little kids.We didn't know.He said go get some paper and fold it in half.He put the thick sauce on the paper.The next day he'd tell us to pull the paper apart.It was glued!!! LOL That was a cool Coonass!

  2. I'm a poor coonass,My scientific opinion and evaluation of your over all channel is this. If given one weeks time in your humble abode. I would manufacture the finest turds ever created since the dawn of time! And probability would clog up the porcelain device.lol.

  3. we love chicken! hubby always says people should have chicken for the holidays instead of turkey cause chicken is tastier! i agree! gonna make this tonight! looks awesome!! great job as usual!

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