14 thoughts on “How To Not Maintain Your Bike – Road Bike Maintenance”

  1. How about a video on the best way to clean the brushes and other tools that we've used to clean the bike? Simple, but I've yet to see you cover it!

  2. I sliced open a knuckle taking off a pedal from a bike I had just sold. I had to stand there in a hotel parking lot, counting out $1200 worth of $20 bills whilst bleeding on the ground. The person I sold the bike to was kind enough to drive me home, and I was scared I was going to bleed on his car's seats.

  3. One point you might make in the future — the hex wrenches or "Allen head" wrenches with the balls on the ends are meant to do torquing from an angle, not straight on, to utilize more surface working areas of the wrench. If you use the ball with the wrench straight the wrench is only biting from the raised middle edge of the ball … and more likely to strip the bolt. (Those balls are only for the bolts that you have to get to from an angle). If going after a tight bolt that you want to loosen, make sure your viewers use a straight cut allen wrench. You'll be less likely to encounter a mishap. (This is the voice of experience, [I'm an old mechanic]). :^P
    Stay well, guys. Great job with all your videos. I love watching.

  4. I find the best way to remove pedals is with the bike on the ground. With the crank arm at 3:00 put your allen wrench on the inside and your inside foot on the pedal. It's also good to squeeze your rear brake. Pull up and the pedal comes off without any issues. Repeat for each side.

  5. Never remove parts that you don't need to: the cassette can be cleaned well enough in place.

    I believe degreasing chains with solvent is unnecessary. Rags do a good enough job.

  6. i think the title should be "how NOT to maintain your bike"

    i thought i was gonna get tips on how I won't have to do maintenance on my bike as often

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