7 thoughts on “How to plant Cherry trees: Jeff grows cherries in this fruit tree planting guide”

  1. excuse me!! I live at Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam. i don't know how to plant Cherry tree to have alot fruits. could you guide to me and sell for me some seedling? I'm very serious about plant this one

  2. Do I need a lot of space for planting fruit trees?
    Can we trim them down to keep them a moderate size. I have medium sized garden but on the border available for planting. Wondering if I could plant a few fruit trees.
    Im a beginner gardener and just love fruit trees.

  3. I was very sad to here of Jeff's demise. Apparently he exploded after giving birth to himself. Since that time he became involved in psychic cookery. His last words were, "put everything in a pan. Stir it with your mind. Puke yourself into a bowl. Fax yourself over the event horizon of your arse."

    Nonetheless, the world lost somebody very special that day.

  4. Hi Jeff, why did you say that the tree will be in there for 3 years, would you then move it somewhere else?

  5. i never ever thought i would be talking about gardens ,ive managed to kill nearly everything ive planted. But my friut trees,apple,pear and now a georgous little  stella cherry tree make me proud,seeing as the apple and pear were planted two years ago and gave loads of lovely fruit 1st and 2nd year which i was surprised cuz people told me they wouldnt bare for the first couple of years,and my lovely little cherry which was planted two months ago already has loads of fruit on already..must be doing something right.   ;o)

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