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  1. I'm not cutting my hair anymore its not fair my older sister get the longer hair its my turn to get the long hair

  2. I'm Asian and when I get head lice my mom doesn't get mad at me instead she helps me by pulling out the head lice or she buys me anti lice shampoo and I feel bad for some people because they get scolded even tho it's not their fault.

  3. The only way to stop a head lice infestation is to remove all the nits.  With all nits gone, no new lice will be hatched.  This will prevent lice recurrence.  The product that works best is Licemosis.  My kids had lice 4 times and this is the only product that works.  It eliminates all lice (including Super Lice) and all nits.  It dissolves the glue that attaches nits to the hair.  Then combing is easy and not painful, and all nits will be gone.  It is not toxic, and has no pesticides.  It is fantastic!

  4. I Live close to LA And my Children have had this "Super Lice" it is truly Hard to get rid of!!! We tried everything! Literally spent Hundreds of hundreds of Dollars on Head lice Treatment for my 3 young Children. And no matter what we did we could not Get rid of them for over 6 long expensive time Consuming Months!!! It was Truly a Nightmare! We tried everything! Name brand lice shampoos even Generics from different stores many different Brands! Even tried an Electric lice zapping Comb!!! We would almost have them all gone but some of the Eggs are Damn near impossible to get out! And few days later brand new batch of lice! And the lovely process would start over again and again from vacuuming the House very Thoroughly! washing And drying every Single piece of fabric in my house Blankets,bedsheets, All Clothing, bed covers, pillows pillow cases and Stuffed animals Etc! It was a night Mare! And we were doing all of this every couple of Weeks! It was hell!!! On top of all the Combing of the hair and shampooing. my kids crying and screaming how bad the medicines burned little cuts on their heads from scratching so much their heads were cut in places all over their scalps. We had several dr appointments and they would prescibe some supposedly better Shampoos and stronger! But to no avail! They Didnt really world EITHER!!! Until they prescribed me One that Cost over 300 hundred Dollars for a tiny glass bottle of Some Super Strong HORRIBLE SMELLING lice medicine i had to use two each for my Daughters hair and same for my other Daughter my son How ever We just Shaved his head Bald to save a little money because i had spent somewhere around 1,400 dollars just on the new lice medicine. It looked like water and you just rub it throughout their hair and scalp. You then leave it in for 12 hours! Or until it dries. It Smells truly Awful the fumes from it made my children feel sick and the smell gave me a horrible Headache! But it did indeed kill the Majority of the Lice but you still have to Comb out Every Single Egg!!!! Or they just come back! Nothing kills the Eggs as far as i know. So really the Most effective way to rid them is To Comb and Comb and Comb some more!! And when you think you Got Them All, KEEP COMBING!!!!! BECAUSE THERES STILL MORE STUCK IN THE HAIR!!!! and finally we were lice free!!! What a crazy time that was! Id say all together I spent Upwards of 4,000 dollars in the 6 months time trying to get rid of Their Lice!! but we Finally Won! And were free from the Imprisonment and Stress that these Tiny Bugs cause! These little bastards Caused us So much Stress! And So much Financial Burden its not even Funny!!!! We were Seriously going very broke! We had to go without alot of things because of these Horrible Horrible BUGS!!!! I know it sounds kind of funny but they really are horrible!!!!!

  5. I got them in 6th grade in school, my hair were very very long and light(exelent hygiene). My mom was so terrified that she sat me down, puted plastic bag on my head(hole in the middle for my face and neck only) and sprayed into my hair 2 big aerosol sprays of fly/spider poison – named "diclafos". Yes, I know – terrific – but after that – no more lies was found.
    Do not repite.

  6. I struggled with lice for along time when I was a child! Finally got rid of the lice by using hair dye! It worked I did it a few times never got lice ever again! And after the lice is gone… Use tea tree oil and water in a spray bottle to keep lice away!

  7. I have lice for the second time & i don't know what to do i'm young to go to buy myself i lice shampoo or what it is called.I cannot tell my father because i feel bad & i have really long hair ( almost at the waist if it's called like that) & i don't have a mother i think having a mother would be easier but i'm afraid to tell my dad again about the head lice.Please tell me someone what to do ??

  8. How to remove head lice and eggs:
    1.Get a hair razor
    2. Shave the hair all off
    3.Wash a hat like you never done before

  9. use vasoline or mouthwash you can pick both works fine , put it all over your hair and put a shower cap or a plastic bag onto your hair and leave it over night or 6 hours and wash your hair twice and comb your wet hair plenty if time and if you got rid of lice but not nits , let your hair dry and use a straighting iron to kill them

  10. I HATE lice I had it when my hair went down too my bottom and every night I would stay up until 2 in the morning

  11. My number one hope or wish is that they get extinct. My mum said dont hang around with my BFFs just because they have nits. Its not fair

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