18 thoughts on “How to Setup Davorcoin Staking QT Wallet Setup Tutorial 10% Monthly In Free Coins Ep.123”

  1. i was shown it may be a good idea to turn off firewall before i download and extracted…..urm i have an embarrassingly low amount in there though because i just got into all this crypto stuff 1 month ago…..and i have invested most of my funds into mining contracts and other this like bitconnect etc and some other sleepers etc……i guess it is not starting to stake because of the low amount….also i heard that you only have to wait until the thing starts staking…then you can turn it and your computer off ….please advise or laugh wickedly at my sadness lol 😉

  2. Happy New Year, are you getting any rewards from your staking? How long after you do you have to wait before it starts staking? I just checked my wallet and is saying that I have to wait 820 days before I receive a reward. I might as well sell my coins at the current price and ride the profits. Do you think is better to stake in the pool? At least I wouldn't have to wait 820 days to get a reward.

  3. CryptoMentor , Love your channel, learning a lot, but we (some of us in the DAVOR Lending Community need your assistance). Please provide some patience to read my Ticket Submittal to the Davor Team : this is a copy & paste of it: >>>> Dear DAVOR TEAM – Love your platform – Just started a loan December 27th, 2017 – the term of my loan is for approximately 1 year. – I selected the Auto-ReInvest option with the idea that I could manage it as such (enable and disable), as stated on Your FACEBOOK page. I do not see the option to disable this Auto-ReInvest; So I emailed your Support. The initial response from your support (as I have a copy of that email response) is that I would be able to "Set or Turn it off at will", which supports what you guys posted on your FACEBOOK page regarding the Auto-ReInvest option (and i have screen shots of that post). Yesterday, after receiving my first payout (as my loan was less than 48hrs in) I did not see an option to turn Auto-ReInvest Off , so I emailed support and ask for guidance. The response I received that, "I can't turn it off". Totallly opposite from the initial support Ticket response, and contrary to what is posted on your FACEBOOK page. I have since sent several support Tickets, requesting a reconsideration of such, and explaining that nothing indicated on your Lending Platform (while i was making those choices) that I would be locked-in to the Auto-ReInvest for the entirety of my Loan. We all know, in the entire Crypto-Lending space, that we all select when and how, whenever to change this status on all other LENDING and well as MINING platforms. Your FACEBOOK post about the Auto-ReInvest, the Screen during the LENDING and the reasonable expectation and current practices all support me or anyone in this LENDING platform to enable or disable such. I never saw this coming, I love the platform, but I am asking again to reset my loan (disable the Auto-ReInvest) and please not force me to wait 300 days before I can have any option to withdraw and BTC. My request is in line with everything that you guys have posted and indicated by any measure of reason. I appeal to you again with a "reasonable and fair request". I have screenshots of all request, Ticket Submittals, Ticket responses, FACEBOOK post, and more if needed for you to get a better understanding of my situation. My loan was only for $1,152 but to be unable to withdraw any BTC seems beyond reasonable expectation or understanding (based on what you guys have provided). Please assist me in a fair way. Thank you and keep up the Great work!

  4. When I download it onto my Mac I get a message saying “no mountable file systems” when i try open. Any suggestions?

  5. Hello CryptoMentor… I hope all is well… is it move all my coins to my Staking Wallet on my Computer and my computer crashes… what happens to my coins… I'm sure I need to back it up… but I'm not quite sure how to do that… do I need buy a backup drive for my Computer… or a thumb drive or something else… Thank you

  6. Can we use a windows server RDP? to run it 24/7 and faster connection? i thought it should save us electricity 🙂

  7. If I have a laptop and want to stake, it wont need lots of energy and stuff to be working does it? It just needs to be open. It wont suck a lot of electricity on a pc either?

  8. I lost my encryption password but I don't have any coins in my staking wallet. I tried deleting my staking wallet and downloading a new staking wallet. It's asking for my encryption password but I don't have it. How do I delete my staking wallet so I can create a new staking wallet?

  9. Hi ! can you give me an advice. I sent some Davor from site to wallet. I didn”t know that i have to encrypt or backup. Then Isent back in site. They appear on site as confirmed but they are not added back to my total amount . What should I do next ? where are they ? the site support doesn”t answer. Should I now encrypt and backup ?

  10. Hey guys, after I encrypted the wallet and send some coins to my staking wallet I made a backup. Now I was sending more coins to the wallet, do I have to renew the backup?
    Thank you!

  11. do I need to wait until the coins are mature every time I start the wallet, or it's just for the first time?

  12. amazing video tnx
    Do I need to keep my machine in order to stake? Or I just transfer and wait till confirmation comes and I can shut down machine. Still stake keeps working. Please clarify

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