19 thoughts on “How to Use The Law of Attraction To Acquire What You Desire”

  1. Ralph I have been following your chanell for years and it is so amazing to whitness your transformation as you are becoming more an more of your true self. thank you for being you 😉

  2. You've changed my life Ralph.
     I just recently saw a friend's aura and I also manifested something small today, and we aint even had breakfast yet.

  3. Ralph, I've had a chronic headache for months now that started due to stress, can I use this to help it start to release?

  4. Just recently, I truly believed and even felt the joy of manifesting what I've been visualising for so long. It's like every part of my being knew it was finally on its way to me. I went about my business as per usual and all of a sudden, it fell apart worse than I could imagine. Polar opposite of what I'd been trying to manifest happened. I feel so defeated and even frustrated cos it feels like my intuition failed me terribly; that I don't even know what to think or believe anymore. I guess I have more work to do, so thank you for this video as a reminder.

  5. my dogs know it's bedtime when they hear "peeeeaaaacccceeee infinite waters diving deep once again." Good stuff to end the day with ❤

  6. Ralph nailed it, I always suggest people to read "Emerald Tablets", that's where the Law of Attraction really comes from. I actually have "Emerald Tablets" in book form. The Law of Attraction really works. It is a real phenomenal power. Great video Ralph!

  7. This is merely wishful thinking due to the system there is no freedom, you can't roam around thanks to the concept of "private property" which makes traveling a money centric endeavor, we all bathe in toxic water and it's real hard to convince yourself you're successful when every day you wake up in the nitty gritty city of shitty and guess what there's no fruit trees here either just heroin needles and shards

  8. Wow if u didn't mention it, I won't realize u now have 1m subscribers. .. Congrats and it shows that we are listening from the right person as it grew so much and maybe the next time u mention u have 10m subscribers probably I can remember this date!!

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