10 thoughts on “Huma Abedin – Why She Should Be Very Worried Right Now”

  1. $100 Billion in FAKE CHARITABLE RECEIPTS? WHAT?  If we cheat on our taxes, we can go to jail!  Why aren't the Clintons already in jail?

  2. Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea Blah Blah Blah Blah….I have heard all the hype….she is crooked….They all are crooks………until I see them all in Gitmo….I don't believe they be in trouble….I pray it happens….and when it does….I will party

  3. Everything is just a coincidence.
    Everybody go back to sleep before the bankers find out we were awake.. fluoride and vaccinations are good for us . And the cia fbi nsa are our friends . Stop asking questions.

  4. I hope it does not turn into to big to jail. Big means, depending on what side gets hurt the most, still doubt where this is headed

  5. They gave Huma immunity to tell the truth and she still lied !!! Her song now is "Don't worry be Happy "…

  6. imagine all the wealthy donors that are putting all their resources, corruption, and $ to try to make sure the Clinton Foundation isnt investigated properly. I'd like to be a fly on the wall at the FBI field office in Arkansas

  7. The Muslim Brotherhood connection is very important as is the child sex trafficking and the Awan brothers drug running they all tie in .

  8. The book by M Wolf 'fire & fury was sent out in pdf form in a big hurry to all embassies secret service etc.across the world .Why? what is the role of Saudi spy Huma in the Clinton organisation . Where & who else was she reporting to ? Where else was she sending emails to for storage besides her pretend husbands laptop ? There is a lot more here to be exposed.The wolf book is a deliberate veiled threat to the President and the contents and accuracy are secondary.We are entering a very dangerous period and assassination attempts are on the menus for sure. The US desperately needs Trump right now as the barrier to the most awful evil in our society.

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