11 thoughts on “Hypnosis for Letting Go of the Fear of Success (Confidence & Motivation)”

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Michael Sealy!! I have listened to many of your videos and they all are very helpful but this 1 here is absoloutely amazing. The sincerity of your desire to help is by far evident. Thanks again.

  2. Amazing! I lost control of my Body in a deep state of meditation. My hands were moving on their own and I couldn't control them. This is my first comment I ever made on Youtube, and I want to thank you Mr Sealey for this outer body experience I never thought was possible.

  3. Michael is truly the best, I had such insomnia that I have had to take xanax to sleep of a night. When I first give this a try I though this will never work, but there is not a night goes by that I don't listen to one of his meditation viedoes. I'm asleep within 15 minutes everytime without any medication. it's a miracle.

  4. I started listening to your videos 3nights ago and i always fell asleep after few minutes listening and waking up early morning than my usual habit and yay! Not feel irritated becoz i am early before hearing my annoying my alarm clock.. And i feel rested…No more pills for me..
    Thanks so much for your videos sir.It helps alot as i dnt think some negatives thougts anymore before going to sleep..And i feel its not hurt anymore thinking my break ups from the man i been engage.

  5. This was my first time listening to self-hypnosis online. Wonderful. Totally envisioned my business. Thank you for helping me so keenly tap into that energy ! You definitely have the gift of guidance to inner wisdom. Thank goodness for that. It is much needed in this day and age. I only have one qualm and it's kinda funny. You told me I would awaken when you say the number 5. You never said the number 5 and I had totally instructed myself to listen for it. This made that state of bliss and wonderment feel at the end, a bit like having a closed door in the way of the exit ramp. Then again, I realized that a disappointment with not hearing the number 5 shows just how "under" I had been. (Amazing!)

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