I Enjoy Playing TU 46 and I’m Hooked!

The first time I played TU 46, I didn’t think that I would get hooked on it. Sure, I thought it would be fun and entertaining, but I also thought that I would play and then move on. Well, it turned out to be a lot more fun than that. I became engrossed in it from the very first minute. I found it on a site that has a ton of airplane games, which happen to be my favorite kind of game. There are literally hundreds though, so I thought that I would play all kinds.

I do, but TU 46 is my absolute favorite one. I love everything about the 1970s jumbo jet that I am in charge of. I need to make sure that I get the plane safely to its destination because the lives of every passenger and crew member on board the jet depend on it. While I cannot see them, I still know that they are a key part of why the jet must take off and land safely. It is so much more than just those two things though. When I am flying, I have to make sure I stay on a straight path and don’t crash or just fall right out of the sky!

The graphics are pretty cool, and I like that I really have to multitask to make sure I reach my goal in TU 46. The first time I played, I didn’t get that far with it. By the end of my eighth or so time of playing though, I had mastered it. I thought it would get boring then, but it is fun to keep challenging myself so I can keep beating my former score. I do mix in other games too, just to keep myself fresh in playing it!

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