Identitarian Nationalists Will Retake Europe & Save America – Julian Langness

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  1. Dude's heart's in the right place but he's out to lunch on (most) millennials. GenX was 1965-1985, followed by GenY (millennials), and then GenZ. The folks he's citing as those pulling back the Overton window are genXers who've grown up and have been around long enough to have witnessed the lies and subsequent changes unfold, and members of GenZ who are more conservative by simple virtue of being young and wanting to question the popular narrative. The few millennials in the mix are mainly outliers. Hats off to them for challenging neo-Marxism but still, they aren't the norm. The primary hope (and a very realistic one) for millennials is that they will grow out of this phase they're in and naturally become more conservative as the leftist lies unravel.

  2. It’s kind of funny how easy it is to beat the boomer conservatives.
    A. Assert equality is real and that we are a nation of every kind of immigrant
    B. Speaking in favor of white identity or arguing that whites should not be demographically replaced in white countries is hate speech which can result in job loss
    C. The Jewish lefts minority worshipping. Well, it’s kind of like the Jewish communism tactics. Non whites are the oppressed class who needs to rise up and take power away from the white oppressors.
    D. They care that their enemies call them names and spend a long ass time trying to virtue signal after they are called a made up word.
    E. Never look up demographics and voting, iq, crime, welfare, literacy, or social beliefs on pew research.
    They play weird games. The crazy leftists state here is the line and conservatives run over and say we will hold the line. The crazy leftists then state we have a new line and conservatives run to that line and say we will hold the line. Repeats until we are arguing with communists about if people who want to hack limbs of their body are mentally ill and that the hundreds of millions of illiterate inbred muslims are not going to help the west long term.
    The ethnomasocism is so strong with them it’s really incredible to watch. For example, I bet conservatives would be more upset if I brought up true facts about mlk and say nothing when leftists talk about any white American figures.
    I will say bringing up racial averages usually works though.
    So, you called me a name, is my argument still true or..

  3. do you not realise the anti white propagandas purpose is to do exactly what you doing now?. there are many people who have lived in our country's for many years of many races who are just as angry as we are. the goal is to destroy the western empire, it's not about race it's a tool to divide and conquer. ALL races who love the country need to be united we need to rise above the propaganda and ideology's that divide. an internal race war is what they want (read the great game) it's a fight for the country we need everyone.

  4. The left has become so extreme that sanity and the majority which is the center is considered far right. What the left is missing is being retroactively aborted.

  5. American whites must support Europe. This is the truth! We white Americans are a minority and unlikely to turn things around without help.

  6. I read "Fistfights With Muds in Europe." It was a decent read.
    There were two very important points made by the author in that book:
    1. 4th Generation Warfare. The evolution of war and how the West has failed utterly to adapt to the tactics used by it's enemies in the modern era. Terrorism, invasion disguised as immigration, cultural subversion, etc.
    2. The fact that Islam, as a religion…as a political movement…as a culture…is STRONGER than Western culture. The West, as of right now, has no belief or value system that is strong enough to counteract or oppose Islam and stop it from spreading. Indeed, the West's culture, centered around inclusion, tolerance, freedom, liberty, liberalism, anti-racism etc. is tantamount to offering itself up to Islam on a silver platter. The West's culture is perceived by non-whites as WEAKNESS. The left are outright traitors. The mainstream Right wants to die a slow death while handing out MAGA hats to brown people. Only the emergence of very strong, ruthless, and unyielding white identity movements are capable of stopping Islam and Communism in their tracks…precisely BECAUSE they are intolerant and willing to take extreme positions…and utilize extreme tactics. Including violence, if necessary.
    Presently, these movements still don't have enough support or funding to really take the fight to our enemies.
    We will see how the situation developes moving forward, as our societies continue their downward spiral into third-world status.
    Sometimes things have to get REALLY bad before white people commit themselves to taking drastic action.
    In the meantime, we will continue to see whites divide along political and class fault lines, but this division is a good and needed thing.
    We must know who is with us and who is against us.

  7. Love red ice and what it talks about but this guy makes me want to go to sleep. So full of generalisations and the cult of personality / ego that he becomes annoying.

  8. if we are to survive we need a wave of white families who remove themselves from the Zionist Masonic World

  9. I love it!! We need millions more strong patriotic young men like you to help in the struggle… it’s so disturbing that it’s my parents generation that is responsible for cultural Marxism…my parents were so conservative as I grew up in the 1960’s..everyone we knew was but it was my moms brothers who were the radicals in college protesting the war..rioting etc… he’s still a radical liberal and he’s a teacher! Case closed!

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