16 thoughts on “Injured baby donkey rescued; watch her mama’s reaction”

  1. It made my heart melt when I saw the mother watching the aid provide care to her baby, almost as if she was concerned about him and wanted to make sure he was gonna be alright

  2. Ap log ALLAH ki Kasam bhot acha kaam kar rahe hai kaash mein bhi ap logon k sath apki team main hota me janvaron se bhot hamdardi rakhta hu

  3. God make human to help speakless animals to take care animals. guys you doing good job. really these videos inspires me and other people to care animals. hats off

  4. I love it when animals and humans just have a mutual understanding, although being different species. The mother knew you guys were there to help, and she let you do your work. Beautiful. Thank you guys!!!

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