Introduction to the Digestive System Part 2 – Oesophagus and Stomach – 3D Anatomy Tutorial

20 thoughts on “Introduction to the Digestive System Part 2 – Oesophagus and Stomach – 3D Anatomy Tutorial”

  1. what about the arteries, veins, nerves, lymph nodes and other details?? why don't you talk about all these?

  2. I like all your videos and they have been great help to me thank you .! And Could you please make a video on duodenum , its relations and vascular supply as a seperate video(a bit more detailed rather than general ) ?

  3. @AnatomyZone: Good video, I would like to have you as my Anatomy teacher XD but way too less landmarks: vascularisation, innervation, lymphonodes, landmarks to the stomach (lesser, greater curvature, Cardiac angle, the layers of the stomach).

    It wouldn't be enough. And I like watching videos :/

  4. @AnatomyZone, you make my day everytime i get upset from anatomy studying. Thanks a lot for your work !

  5. Thank you so much for the clear explanation. It helps when you put things in perspective. Easier to study! Keep up the great videos!

  6. Aghh..I Cant Find One With A Tutorial Of A 3D MODEL OF A STOMACH,In Real Life Like Made Of Foam Or Something…PLease Reply If u Find A Vid Of It <33

  7. internal organs if able clean with specify equipments by self ( natural human and animals internal system not perfect ) , any improve of health status ? ( these need medic section with knowledges to confirm 

  8. HI lovely video.
    Just wanted to say the LES is a physiological sphincter so there's no enlarged circular muscle that forms the sphincter.

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