17 thoughts on “Irish People Watch The Westboro Baptist Church (Louis Theroux)”

  1. I was driving to a baseball tournament last and year and I was driving passing a bunch of gas stations and liquor store then BAM it's the Westboro baptist church and I screamed "Holy FUCKING shit" over and over

  2. I live in Alabama and I am a Christian. I attend a Baptist church, however we are NOTHING like these people! I think we dislike this group as much as anyone can!! I have said before that it is the actions of Christians that will ultimately lead people away from faith, because so often we don't practice what we preach.
    Our oldest child is gay. I knew from the time he was fairly young that he was gay…. he came out in high school. He said he was afraid to tell us which made me so sad. He is my son, a gift from God to me and my husband. Children aren't meant to be thrown away by their families because their belief systems don't agree! He is 25 yrs old now. He is in a loving relationship with a very kind young man. I've told him numerous times that there is nothing he could ever do to make me love him more and there is nothing he can do to make me love him less!!!
    In the New Testament, Jesus told us to do 2 things: Love God and love our neighbor. We are not called to be judge and jury over ANYONE!!!
    I promise that not all Americans are lunatics!!! Common sense just seems to be a super power these days…. not everyone has it, unfortunately!!

  3. thank god there are only like 13 members of this insanity, we gotta nuff crazies with the neo-nazis, antifa, and blm crazies

  4. There is almost no one in this country that takes those people seriously. If the media would stop giving them attention they would likely kill themselves off just to get back in the news.

  5. They'll inbreed themselves into extinction soon enough. After Freddy died his wife Large Marge Phelps and son-in-law Tim (or was it Steve?) Drain declared that only blood relatives and anyone marrying into the family can be members, last I heard there were less than 70 made up of the Phelps, Roper and Drain families who are all related.

  6. But how do they know God hates homosexuals? They're in the street spreading their hatred and provoking people…..it's hard to believe that God promotes that.

  7. The city of Topeka Kansas , where the West Burrow Church is located , is extremely gay friendly , an attempt at damage control , from the bad publicity that the church gets.

  8. This is a terrible cult. I hate Westboro Baptist Church and I feel sorry that the kids will grow up being brainwashed to hate groups of people they'll never have the opportunity to know. Westboro Baptist Cult is a cancer in the US, along with Trump and his entire cabinet.

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