10 thoughts on “JIM LAMPLEY: Addresses accusations of BIAS ahead of WARD-KOVALEV 2”

  1. Punches were blocked my ward and he was acting like they landed, dudes a Fucking joke Jim needs to be fired or Hbo needs to stop worrying about their own interests and just be fair it's which b.s. Going on in the world we don't need it in boxing

  2. The moment Floyd left HBO, he talked about him like a dog. He got his little Fight Game show and it became a butt hurt soliloquy against Floyd. Him and especially Merchant have always been pro slugger and anti slick boxer

  3. There should be an age limit for Judges and people calling out scorecards. Sometimes old guys cant see much of inside stuff going on… so whoever lands straighter punches get the points.

  4. "I didn't win the fight for them. I didn't do that." Yet, two days later, this announcer felt it was in his job description to interfere with the co-main event fight results by talking to the NSAC about the punch and the bell situation. I have never met a guy who smiled that much and who was also truthful.

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