18 thoughts on “Kasparovs quickest defeat against a human”

  1. To all those who say Kasparov resigned too early, I'd like to point out the continuation of Nxg7. If the king captures back then Rg5+ and on the next move of Qxf6 is checkmate. All Kasparov can do at this point is trade off pieces to prevent the attack, but this will take away any chance of compensation.

    In short, he's screwed.

  2. I know in the chess that position is the most important.. but what is the parameter which let us know that the position we are in is good or not??

  3. Why not g6, and after the knight moves, take the rook? This is one I wish you'd shown a possible continuation. Looks to me like he resigned too soon.

  4. There is even a guy who thinks that Sacrificing the queen and 2 pawns for a rook and knight is better than losing 2 pawns, Queen is better than rook and knight, and white is fully developed and black is not, white pieces are more active, and the only thing that black has is the bishop pair, but then after Qxd5, Ne7+ Kh8,Nxd5,Nxd5,Qxc4 forking knight and bishop, Be6 defending the knight, e4, Nf4, Qxc7,Nxe2+,Kh1,Rad8, Black no longer has the bishop pair.

  5. Why so many people think Kasparov resigned unnecessarily, he was 2 pawns down, which is the same as being down an exchange, and playing against an international master he would likely have resigned if he was down the exchange and was also underdeveloped, you could play on and hope the other player blunders, but if your opponent doesn't have time trouble, then you are basically hoping your opponent would have a doctor's appointment during the game or that your opponent falls asleep.

  6. Kasparov it one focused individual he is a player that calculates that takes alot more work then by using the guth feeling

  7. I found the move in the first seconds and thought there's a follow up mate sequence, I was searching for 30 minutes haha

  8. but y…. Kasparov should have held on am sure there were better variations.. its not yet over till its over

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