16 thoughts on “Kingpin Who Ordered Hit On The REAL 50 CENT, Plotted To Kill Brian “Glaze” Gibbs”

  1. Can you shed some light on the structure of brooklyn during this time i.e was glaze bigger than the likes of kendu hobbs Jesus Danny d etc and where does web stand to the likes of fat cat?

  2. Filling out my divorce papers & watching another episode of Info Minds..life couldn't get any better.

  3. Domencio look like Christopher Williams, or Al B sure….."Dont wake meee, I'm dreamingggggg, ooooooooo!!!!!"

  4. It's your time to die WHEN YOU ANNOY A BLACK MAN! Even if YOU"RE BLACK! Don't you ever get tired of all the death? All the waste? All the destroyed families? PUT A STOP TO THIS….before it's YOUR TIME!!!!

  5. Born and raised in Philly but have lived in Va. Beach since 95'. A LOT of hustlers and rappers have made there $$$ down here and still have roots there.

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