14 thoughts on “Kodak Black – Ambition “I’m 14 And Already Thinking About Death” (Throwback Music Video)”

  1. OMG only 2.5M this better then the original just saying Sorry not sorry Wale , folk need to STOP and listen this nigga got that" Ambition"

  2. I know a lot of people who don't want to no longer live on this earth including me. Depression, and stress will make someone ill, and no longer care about the situations they are in. I was 15 in fact when I tried to commit suicide, until I got therapy in which kindof help, but as of this day and in the future I would rather be dead than alive. I wouldn't want to be living when this world goes into chaos or end. I'm just tired, and missing my mom on top of that. You can see how the story folded at age 15. Anyways, depression kills. I would've been dead 6 years ago.

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