16 thoughts on “Lakers introduce Josh Hart , Kyle Kuzma , & Thomas Bryant”

  1. 7:08 thats just gave me even more reason to like Lonzo man I didn't think it was possible days after he did what he had to do sit there and here ppl talk about him and talk and answer all these damn questions. He shows up to his new fellow rookie teamates who aren't big names maybe 1 will be special but anyway as a teenager 19 who just hade his dream come true of playing for the lakers, you would think he would be doing so many things better than siting down and listen and watch 3 more rookies you might not even play much with because ur gonna be a starter and they will be bench to 3rd string and he supports them takes time off his schedule. I wouldn't of done that and I consider my self a great teammate. mostly because they are under me and haven't earn my respect I would be in the gym as the speak but man this guy is a special kind of leader

  2. 10:00 Magic: "He really impressed us with his performance in Chicago" Hart to Kuzma: "Cause you get buckets" hahahaha already loving the chemistry

  3. Thomas Bryant is a steal! This guy was my favorite player in college last year and not alot of people kept their eyes on him. Alot of people wanna focus on the big names in college like Tatum, Ball, Jackson, ect. but I really liked this guy like I said. He was very undervalued to alot of people but u gotta remember this guy was the reason IU beat UNC yes UNC the champs at the beginning of the season. He's humble he works hard on both sides of the court, he can shoot post up (I think he should've gotten the ball more down low, he'd probably would've dominated more), great rim protector, and has a great heart for the game. He was no doubt a top 5 Center in this draft but where he landed was a great spot for him. LA needed to upgrade at this position and they did.

  4. doing backflips for a dude at 27 who wasnt even on most teams radars… smart. sounds logical. not that he cant be a good player but comon we coulda got him at 42 where get gor bryant

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