Large Closed Comedones – Whiteheads Extraction

7 thoughts on “Large Closed Comedones – Whiteheads Extraction”

  1. tell me what the f*** is wrong with you people you do not need to slice someone's skin up to get the acne out you just need to use the proper technique you suck you bad you're horrible you suck you failed don't know how else to say it but you not doing it right if slicing the person skin up you're causing more problems and they've already got your fired

  2. For all you yellow-bellied MFers out there: I love to see the extracted whiteheads bunched up on the gloves!!!! There should be a contest for the best filled up gloves!!!

  3. This is exctly like a porn flick, its exciting for the first 10 mins, than after that it just loses its steam!!!!!!!

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