20 thoughts on “Law Abiding Citizen: Torture Scene”

  1. If there's one thing I would've done differently, is I would've allowed him to talk at least once. I'd just be curious to hear what he would have to say for himself.

  2. The best part in the film XD serves him right. U cant just go inside someones house and kill the guys wife and child, who does that. At the very least steal the shit and run out why'd u have to be so extra?

  3. It's a bit extreme. Because he couldn't keep him alive for him to just exist in a constant state of pain and misery forever but, oh well.

  4. "at the end of the day , no matter how much we tell ourselves , that we are better than them…we aren't. our motivations and victims maybe different. but we are still monster's. no one walks away with pure and righteousness blood on their hands".unknown.

  5. the type of punishment karla homolka deserves for killing and abusing the teens she kidnapped instead of being freed from prison after getting away with her lies.

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