19 thoughts on “‘Law Abiding Citizen’ | Unscripted | Gerard Butler, Jamie Foxx”

  1. Gerard butlers honestly a pretty great actor for an action star. I know he had like alcohol issues or something. But. If he's clean he deserves more work and shit London has fallen turned a pretty good profit just in box office (and will continue to make money for the studio) considering its an original property and revenue for all movies is down.

    I guess he did just get geo storm though. But dude should have done something dramatic or pushing his limits leaving that comfort zone. Cause what am I talking about he just starred in a high budget movie. That propaganda the channel I Looper puts out fooled my feeble little mind! Geo storm flopped though… But point is dude deserves more rolls and should do some different sorts of rolls at that

  2. the movie was kinda lacking for anything than an example of control, if someone murders your entire family then you should roll over and take it, geesh how smart the guy was ment to be he could have killed everyone responsible and got away scot free heck he could have made it look like the lawyers kid did it with enough dna evidence even the lawyer (jamie foxx) would believe his kid done it, yet nooo they had to go for the bullshit he got his revenge and the lawyer outsmarted a military tactical genius -.- yeah sorry no thats bull, before anyone says i'm being racist no the main character is smarter than the lawyer irregardless of either skin color.

  3. If it wasn't for Jamie foxxs stupid bitch ass we would have had a great ending to a great movie. Instead the whiney faggot got its way even tho there would have been plenty of better actors for the job. He's the same damn person in every movie he makes

  4. ''Twas a great movie but Jamie Fox kinda killed it with his Zoolander stares and the end wasn't worthy of that movie as a whole. Jamie Fox even takes a promotion in it and completely proves Gerard Butlers whole point about the justice system! Every time the Mayor speaks she also drives home Gerard's point! It's hard to root for anyone other than Clyde!!!

  5. so uhh…what, does that mean gerard is difficult to work with? awww thats a shame 🙁 i really like the dude….though his body and attractiveness is quite intimidating 😉

  6. I love this interview. Jamie and Gerard were incredible together. I hope they do another flick together.

  7. this is nuts. im not used to hearing Gerard Butler speak in a Scottish accent. nice movie. awesome jamie fox is awesome

  8. @itshchristinee – I cried with laughter even before I knew who Nancy Grace was. JF's delivery and GB's reaction just made me crack up right along with him! I keep rewinding back to the part you mention just to see the look on GB's face.lol

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