9 thoughts on “Learning Curve movie”

  1. This was great!
    Kids have always been psycho-sociopaths in the eyes of the previous generations. I think the level of evil rises exponentially according to technological advances.
    And interestingly this film seems rather devoid of the cellular activity that too many current filmmakers gorge on.
    I would be a happy person if before I head into the big cinema in the sky that story lines, plots, character combinations…the cinematic formula(s) that have long been exhausted could by some other dimension in perception or temporal adjustment gift us with a couple more. Really, given just 2 additional possible plot formulas and maybe 1 more key turning point to the 7 and 5 that we've run the gamut, there'd be enough fresh possibilities to keep me from mapping out the entire movie after only 22 minutes OTA, in some cases more, some less, definitely for the rest of MY life and well into the next century.
    We've been consuming only 7 since the cameras invention.
    I hate that I knew how Mr Walmsley, Joey and the art teacher would end up.
    I hate that no matter what the event is, in too many cases you can almost mouth the dialogue as its being delivered. Yea, I hate that but it will never stop my love of movies. Especially thriller, horror, suspense, which by the way this one was under….and Im good with that.
    In closing, if you are looking to determine if this is one to watch or one to walk away from I say watch and you will not be disappointed. If you're like me you will have seen this play out hundreds if not thousands of times before but be thankful it is with faces you've never seen before. Players pulled from the vast galaxies of remarkable talent delivering performances that rival or in most cases exceed that of the same old soulless arrogant overexposed clones Hollywood keeps on a choke chain (their soul anyway booowaahahahahahBOOOowahahahahahaaaah) obliging them to humiliating contractual demands translating into an on screen presence so concentrated you could swear you grew up with them. That kind of familiarity is what turns exceptional screenplays into merely passable films.

    The End

    Im wordy
    My biggest fear in life is being misunderstood
    and wouldnt ya know…..

  2. Great ending.I wondered why he shot poor ole numb-nuts, cry-baby when the others were so more deserving of a hole in the head.


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