12 thoughts on “Lebron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony play pick up basketball is this ok with you?”

  1. Hopefully Draymond give KD a call "bro why you helping this guy he using you he trying to figure you out " hahaha

  2. this isn't really anything, this probably isn't the first time they've played in a pick up game. i would've liked to have been one of the other guys out there hooping with the top two players in the nba. k.d. is still going to bust lebron up during the regular season, because like karceno predicted, the cavs will not be in the finals this year, especially if kyrie gets traded. i do agree, there is too much paling around during the season and off-season, but these guys are like politicians, they pretend not to like each other on camera, but behind the scenes we know they're on the same team.

  3. Karceno my brotha. …who is the most famous person from or in Chicago? Is it Barack Obama? Opra? Michael Jordan? R Kelly? Floyd Mayweather?

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