15 thoughts on “Let’s Play Bloodborne (#14) – Insight / Rom, The Vacuous Spider”

  1. The "spider" is creepy yeah and it was kind of a "whoa" moment but I don't really read spider from it other than its multiple limbs. I get an alien reptile vibe looking at them. Rom I like, he kind of looks like a big old docile mite, like a pet to one of the Great Ones more than a kin to one, he even rolls over. The mini Roms he creates are probably my favorite among the "spiders" in this episode.. I think I was way too hyped and expecting something more on the lines of the giant spider roaming the Toronto skyline in the movie "Enemy" where it was obviously a spider but was distorted and freakier.

  2. In this video, we see that the Healing Church has a softer side, as Yuria the Last Scholar contributes $10 to charity!

    (It's interesting that your comment about Rom being kind of cute echoes Miyazaki himself, in the interview printed in the official guide. I suppose it's no surprise that those of us who love the game so much would be on the same wavelength as its creator!)

  3. 15:48, according to Bloodborne wiki, those "celestial arrows" are actually micro-suns that are going supernova in your face. Which would explain why they can one-shot you with a single hit.

  4. I expected eldritch shit but JESUS. This is playing at some of my biggest personal fears and I love it for it.

  5. Ahhhhhh, too much spider and too much water….should have warn your viewers on the title…awesome gameplay as always

  6. The Celestial Centipede's weakness is actually the flower on top of their head (?) Shoot it a few times with your gun to easily dispatch it.

  7. I know that this is late, but the skinny shadows with the sickle are Nightgaunts from one of Lovecraft's story though I don't know what.

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