12 thoughts on “Let’s Play Disgaea II #082 – Long Narrow Hallway”

  1. So the Dark Sun report goes for 10 turns. What happens if you decide to sit on your ass past that (assuming one of them isn't a Game Over)? Does it just do nothing further, are there more reports, does it loop, or what?

  2. Maybe 1 star = high difficulty and more means that it's easier? In that 1 star stage,they had a level 1000 enemy

  3. I think a Dark World "star rating" is the difficulty of destroying the Dark Sun itself, not necessarily the difficulty of the stage in general.

  4. (5:02) That Geo Symbol way in the back is a Stage Clear symbol. I think the idea is that you're meant to work your way back there, and carry the symbol all the way back to the panels at the start and clear the stage that way. (Of course, if you can just overpower the Majin like you did, it makes the stage go much faster.)

  5. There is a strategy for the stage with the level 1000 that doesn't require you to be anywhere near that level. It involves the Prinny and geo effects, I'll say that much.

  6. The flavor text for the "Bat Soup" item made me giggle. The writers for this game had fun with the flavor texts, didn't they? 😀

  7. "Hello, I'm HCBailly and welcome to… Final Fantasy IV"?

    You stopped yourself for like a second and realized what you were going to say. Was FFIV on your mind? I dunno. I could be wrong.

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