17 thoughts on “Let’s Play Minecraft – Episode 264 – Sky Factory Part 6”

  1. 15:38
    "Do you think this series is painful to watch?"
    It is. I couldn't watch the episode where Jeremy tried to figure out Tinker's Construct. I like LilJ, but damn.

  2. HOLY SHIT Gavin's random popup ~47 mins helped me identify a problem Ive been having on my computer. Sometimes that cmd prompt will popup and it minimizes some games, thus boning me.

  3. 41:50 Ryan you're over complicating this so much just take a Hammer to Cobblestone get Gravel Take hammer to Gravel get Sand take Hammer to Sand get Dust compressing it is just adding extra steps to this for no reason

  4. "You remind me of the babe."
    "The babe with the coal."
    "What coal?"
    "Flynt Coal."
    "Flynt Coal with the power."
    "Who do?"

    I don't think they know how that song goes.

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