Let’s Play – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds: Lightning Round – AH Live Stream

19 thoughts on “Let’s Play – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S Battlegrounds: Lightning Round – AH Live Stream”

  1. Nothing happens until more than 17 minutes into this video. Why the hell do people like watching this game? Snore

  2. Ryan continues to be the king of " 'Let's do X!!!' then 5 steps in that direction I'll change my mind and go with literally anything else because I have no backup plan"

  3. So like I know they want to get all the loots but… when you’re stacked, and I’m saying this from their past pubg games as well, you should focus on maybe getting settled in? That’s how I typically play on solo… I know loot can be far and wide playing in a team of four though. Overall, loot up, when you think you’re good, bunker down.

  4. Guy walks up behind Geoff, unloads a clip, reloads THEN kills him, and Geoff's reaction is: "Oh, I'm getting shot…"

  5. Went to the sheets website because let's be honest, my sheets are grossssss.
    But i'm not a fuckin millionaire so I couldn't afford their merch. :/

  6. Nothing like watching a bunch of 45 year old men who suck at video games play video games Am I right or am I right

  7. "That's bullshit!"… Yeah Jack, it's bullshit every time you do bad in any game ever. Be a man and admit your mistakes.

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