LET’S TALK UPDATE :: Leaks, Expectations, & Ship? Clash Of Clans

10 thoughts on “LET’S TALK UPDATE :: Leaks, Expectations, & Ship? Clash Of Clans”

  1. Despite the lower upload frequency, I'm 100% standing by my promise to return with daily Clash of Clans content as soon as the sneak peeks begin 🙂 Thanks for hanging in there to all the loyal viewers who have been with me since day 1!

  2. Hey what's your clash royale player tag. I think I just played you and I'm so happy. you're one of my favorite you tubers for clash royale. if it was you I had a blast.

  3. Personally think the ship may be like boom beach send it out to collect loot over a different amount of time

  4. They should make a heist minigame where you control a troop through a base and the defenses have a view and if they see you its game over and each troops have diiferent benifits and you can steal loot and trophies.

  5. They need to update and add cooler things for us guys down at TH9 and lower. I'm at TH8 and I basically play at war because I feel the game is boring as f.. as of right now! Add troops, some designs, different modes, different wars..

  6. ship, could be some kind of a shop. where you go and trade loot. gold for elexier, elexier for gold. or gold+elexier for dark elexier.

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