15 thoughts on “Line of sight – Extreme Biking – Fixed Gear – New York”

  1. Do You people know, that those drums tunes starting the movie is Henry Purcell's " Funeral of Queen Mary"…
    Good choice for this way of riding…

  2. Try doing that shit in L.A. , where the worst drivers are. These idiot drivers out here will not brake AT ALL for you. I ride fixed in L.A. and getting anywhere is a near death experience.

  3. There's nothing cool about scaring pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing. That's just being an asshole.

  4. Ordinarily if you want to ride like an idiot and get hosed off the asphalt when you fuck up then I'd be fine with that, but riding like this gives all cyclists a bad name, urban and rural alike. It's a bit of a twat move really.

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